Dry Vacuum

NSS carpet vacuums have earned a reputation for great performance, reliability, and long life. The legendary Model M-1 “Pig”®—the most productive, most durable and most versatile vacuum available—remains a classic after decades on the market. It has the power to thoroughly and safely clean areas up to 25 feet in the air. That means your staff keeps their feet on the ground and off of ladders, a true safety benefit.

The Pacer 30 is the commercial industry standard in wide-area vacuums, period. The Pacer two-motor uprights are easy to use and provide superior cleaning power. The lightweight, ergonomic Pacer 12/15 UE models have set a new quality standard in single-motor uprights, a product category dominated by mediocre, unreliable machines.

For superior productivity when spot vacuuming, choose the cordless Outlaw PB, the only PacVac designed from the beginning to be battery-powered. With NiMH batteries and a patented instant trigger, the Pacer PB will run up to 2 hours on a charge, covering up to 30,000 square feet per hour. Sounds incredible? It is. Thanks to its quiet operation, the Pacer PB is ideal for use in healthcare facilities, 24/7 operations, and for cleaning occupied areas, day or night.