Cleaning Chemical.

BCL are reccongnitions system. It is establish since 2007. it shows that BCL i s serious on benifit ofthe customer and protecting the environment. since then, BCL become a leaning branch in China and Hongkong market is well recongnized and welcomed. 

BCL promised: Care  the Environment:

As a leading payer in the market, BCL inherit the tradition of environmental protection and becomes a pioneer.

BCL maintains a commitment to the environment producing biodegradable products and eco friendly solutions. and commiteed to helping customer to keep up safe, healthy and high performing faciliteis. 

BCL products system applies to various industires: 

- Large public facilities: Gyms, sports gound, Airport, Liners,.etc. 

- Kitchen: Restaurant, retails of fast food, catering, food industry,..etc

- Laundries: Commerical laundry plant, on primus luandy room. self service...

- Hospitality: hotel and resrots. 

- Cleaning service; Cleaning company